Welcome Sister!

Are you ready to start embracing your WHOLE self, and experience the magic that happens when women gather, take time for yourself and fill your cup.  With the help of Sunya, you can host your own goddess gathering, and get adorned with henna. Join the #femandalamovement, and claim your role as a creatrix! Together, we support each other in embracing our individual truths and reclaim our feminine grace, power and strength.

Learn how to become a host

What is Femandala?

When woman gather, it is inherently powerful.

Femandala is holistic movement that empowers woman to be real, vulnerable, and authentic. We claim our freedom of self-expression and gain confidence to speak our truth.


Contact Sunya and take the first step towards hosting a goddess gathering of your own.

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Email  Sunya@embodimenttattoo.com